Hey everyone!

I recently turned twenty-one, and I wanted to share a few photos. I didn't do anything special for my birthday because I had work later that day. However, I did do a mini photoshoot. I wanted to do a full outfit of the day shoot, but I was too tired and cold.

I haven't been posting daily like I should've for Blogmas so I decided to just end it. Despite the fact that I do have several blog posts sort of written, I'll be saving those for next year. It's been a month, and I'm still adjusting to my work schedule and personal life. It's a pain to do, but I do like making my own money.

Since I did work on my birthday, I was hoping for the regular four hour work day. I got an extra hour of work. At least I'm getting paid extra right? Although I didn't get the alcohol right after work when I planned to, I'm glad that my birthday was relatively relaxed and chill. It's different from the usual scramble of jumbled up emotions.

Did you have a memorable 21st birthday?

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