Hey everyone!

I like to use different apps to organize my life in conjuncture with my bullet journal. I found that it makes it easier for me to write down what I want to do in my bullet journal then transfer them onto different apps.

I usually use Habitica for habits, and I'm experimenting with the To-Do portion of the app for the new year. I like to write down my To-Do either the night before or early in the morning. Then I transfer that list to the list to Habitica since I don't like carrying out my bullet journal when I'm going to work and other similar places.

For most of my blog content like writing down ideas and articles to when I need to post, I use Trello. I made a blog editorial calendar using a template (this template) and adjusted it to my needs. It's easy to use online and the app is especially helpful when I'm on the go.

Evernote used to be my app of choice for practically all of my notes, but I lost a lot of my ideas when Evernote was hacked years ago. I've started using it again to keep track of the daily tarot readings I do and will be incorporating it more into my organizational process.

Google Drive is a life saver when it comes to my college life and downloading files off the Internet. I keep PDFs, random notes, and other important files in my Drive then transfer them into Evernote so I can have backups.

I didn't use my bullet journal a lot with these apps last year, but this year I'm taking a more proactive approach. While I could use Evernote for everything, I like to have multiple backups just in case of a crash or unsaved file. With Habitica as my main habit tracker and to-do list, Evernote will be used for mainly backup storage and ideas. Since I saved a lot of files on my Google Drive, transferring them to Evernote and a USB stick will make it easier to have everything if my laptop crashes or freezes in the middle of work. I'll come back with the progress I make in a few weeks to see how the system works out.

What apps do you use to keep your life organized?

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