Hey everyone!

The first week of 2018 is now behind us. I want to say that my year has started well, but that would be a lie. There's so much I want to do and learn that I'm not sure where to start. I have started to choose one skill or habit to start every month so I can pace myself with learning, but beyond that, I haven't actively starting anything.

Although I started some habits in the end of December, they've fallen through once January started. It's frustrating, but I always remind myself that failure is a part of life. I'm not going to stop a habit just because I missed a day. I need to keep going so by the end of the month, I can say that I've mostly added habit into my routine or learned a new skill. 

2018 is here, and I will not let anything slow me down. I mentioned in my latest post (click here to read it) that my theme of the year is discipline. I can tell you right now that it's fighting with my urge to procrastinate. I'm a night owl. I like to stay up all night and curse myself in the morning. But I found that my mornings can be used for little habits that don't take up much time or effort. It makes me feel more productive to get chores done in the morning so I can have more time for me at night.

So starting tomorrow, I'll be trying to sleep early and wake up late to see how it affects my productivity. It's going to suck. I can feel it now. However, it'll most likely be an eye opening experience for me. There's so much to wake up to in the morning. I think I should start seeing them.

What have you been up this week?

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  1. On Saturday night completed the modest and pleasurable task of catching up with season 2 of The Crown on Netflix. It was worthy of its Golden Globe nomination for Best Drama Series. I then began viewing season 1. That's a bit backward, but it's been enjoyable. Didn't watch The Globes myself, but I got the full list of winners at No shocking surprises, and all the Globe choices seemed reasonable.