Hey everyone!

It's about four days into the new year as I write this blog post, and I am already failing my unspoken resolutions. I didn't write about my resolutions this year because I'm still figuring them out. There's a lot I want to improve this year. From my money saving skills to learning new things, there's endless possibilities to what I can choose as my new goals this year.

It's one reason why I'm most likely going to choose a motto or theme for the year. Having an overall arching theme is something that I think will work better for me personally. I had to take a look at what I'm lacking in my life to figure out what theme would help me the most.

I decided on the word discipline. I wanted to choose magic, however discipline is something that I'm lacking. There's a lot of goals I want to accomplish. I want better financial security. I want to get up early in the morning. I want to be able to finish my tasks for the day. But I keep holding myself back. Whether it's because of the fear of failure or accomplishment, I just can't make myself stay on track.

So 2018 is dedicated to discipline. It's dedicated to bettering myself so I can live a long and healthy life. It's dedicated to being happy with myself, but still wanting more in healthier ways. It's dedicated to making sure that I live the life that I've always wanted.

Do you have a theme for 2018? What do you think about choosing a theme in conjuncture with resolutions? 

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