Hey everyone!

Better late than never, right? I've read a few articles during April that have really gave me some good advice. April was crunch time for school so there is a bit of everything because I procrastinated on most of my classes that month.


Still the Most Important Piece of Financial Advice You’ll Ever Receive by Joshua Becker // I have a love/hate relationship with money so this post was helpful for me.

Daniel Martin's Tips for Looking Luminous // I watched a video where he and a beauty youtuber talked about the different techniques they use for makeup. He's one of the few makeup artists that I actually want to follow along with.

Better Business Graphics // I wanted to try out new graphics for the blog. This post has the basics and some ways to level up your designs for when you're ready.


Smoothie Bowls by chocolatecoveredkatie // I became obssessed with smoothie bowls March and April. I decided to figure out how to make my own during April so I don't spend about $8 each time I go to a smoothie place.

Blueberry Lemon Poppy Seed Scones // I love scones with a passion, but these are amazing.


Why You Will Marry The Wrong Person // This video was interesting. I have mixed feelings about the concept, but I think I'll be addressing them in separate blog post if I can articulate them in a way that I like.

What have you loved in the month of April?

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