Hey everyone!

Now that this semester is over, I'm trying to divide up my time to create more content that I enjoy. I like learning about video editing for my YouTube channel. I uploaded writing episode #2 and started a mini clean with me series. I'm trying out different types of videos to get a feel on what I like recording and editing most. It really shows how different I've become. If you have read any posts from my early years, which I don't recommend because I still haven't reformatted everything yet, then you can definitely see a difference in on how I write and share content.

I'm still wavering about whether or not I want to write more "informally" (with emojis, CAPITOL LETTERS, and other types of writing styles that have been floating around in the blogosphere lately), but I can't get myself to write in a way that isn't natural to me. I reserve the LMFAO and omg to my family and friends since they can understand when I'm being sarcastic or not. It's difficult to tell when someone is joking on the internet unless you spend a lot of time on it and are able to pick up the difference between "no,,,way!!!" and "no...way." It's almost like an art form for people.

But I have nothing else to say about this week. Except I didn't realize how hard it is to record a write with me video when you don't have a good angle to record without having your camera fall over. I tried to record the video while sitting on a lower table. Still no luck. I guess I'll have to think creatively for this challenge.

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. Although I originally had no plans to watch The Royal Wedding, I decided to switch on ABC's coverage of the event, particularly since at 4 in the morning I was still awake catching up with stuff on the internet. Someone I follow on Twitter even set aside some snacks & wine to enjoy while taking in the pageantry.
    Apart from that I've been spending the past few days on my favorite social media platform, YouTube, revisiting the musical history of The Rolling Stones. While doing that I also took a lot of side trips to Wikipedia, to get the scoop on the critical and commercial success of their landmark recordings.