Hey everyone!

I try not to say that something has changed my life unless it really does. I didn't realize how many items I don't use until I whittled down the things I own. You can read about that experience here and my review of the KonMari book here. I'm still finding old items that I don't use anymore, but there are four electronics that I use almost every day.

MSI GL62M Laptop // I know that this would most likely be the most expensive item on this list, but my new laptop has really helped me get more things done. One of my brothers helped me pick it out since I know nothing about computers and their parts. I only use certain settings though so I'm still looking for ways to use my computer to its maximum potential.

Canon Rebel T6 // The process of photography has opened my mind to new possibilities. I'm still tweaking how I want to take blog pictures because I don't have the same minimalism aesthetic that other bloggers have. I like to have everything laid out so I can see what I have which means taking pictures for this blog can be a pain. But finding new ways to take pictures is always changing how I view the world.

Vivitar Speakers // This technically isn't mine. It belonged to one of my brothers, however he didn't use it so I claimed it as mine. I ended up using it almost every day. I connect it to my laptop or phone, and I can finally hear what I'm playing from a different room. It's not strong enough to play music that everyone can hear in the apartment, but the range is big enough so that I can hear it from the next room over if I leave my door open.

Wireless Mouse // A USB mouse has changed the way I use my laptop at night. I keep it somewhere nearby as I listen to music or a creepypasta reading so I can skip or change the volume while being far away from my laptop. I like feeling the mouse instead of just using my mouse pad.

Those are four electronics that have changed my life. I practically have them with me every day since I like to create content wherever I go.

What electronics have changed your life?


  1. My 2011 Dell Inspiron Laptop. Before I got it I was largely functioning like a 20th century guy in a 21st century world. I schedule my bill payments on it, I do my banking with it, access video and musical entertainment through it, and maintain social media contacts because of it.

  2. Great choices. All seem practical to allow you to do the things you like :)