Hey everyone!

Ever since I've started to make YouTube videos, I realized how long the process of creating videos really is. My goal for my channel is to post twice a week. One video is a Writing Episode and another is whatever strikes my fancy. It's working for now, but I feel like I'm not making enough content. Although I've been watching YouTube videos since 2009, creating them is a whole other matter.

You have to generate an idea, record bits for the idea, edit the video, render it, and upload it. The general process doesn't include writing a script, learning how to edit a certain way to create effects, or customizing the description for each video. It definitely doesn't include how to market the video to people. The process is similar to blogging. No one tells you how to make a good blog post. You have to learn as you go along.

I've been blogging off and on since 2012. I've read a variety of blog posts on how to blog, and I still have no idea what I'm doing. I want to branch out in both areas, but almost every idea has been done.

The only way I got around that thought?

Sure, every idea has been done before. But I haven't done it yet. I can still bring something fresh or new to an old table. I can still figure out what people like to read or watch and create content that's different from the rest.

YouTube may be a new venture for me, but blogging is my home. I haven't been working on my blog consistently like I used to because of YouTube. It's almost been a month since I've started making videos. I think I have the hang of the process, but every day is a new beginning. I learn something new to use in my videos or have a new idea almost every day.

If I truly want to create videos and write blog posts, I have to make room for them. I have to remember why I started this blog. The success of others doesn't mean that I won't be successful. I have to define what success is for me. Keeping up this blog for almost six years? I call that a success.

What do you think about YouTube and blogging? Do you have a preference?

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