I'm a confused 21 year old who is figuring out what I want in life by trying out new things, learning about topics I love, and creating content. I'm currently in my fourth year of taking General Education classes at my local community college.

I'm blunt to practically everyone so reading my reviews will be a roller coaster ride of mega proportions. Do I love it because it's functional or because of its weird name? Do I like the color, but not on me? Is this really worth the hype? I hold nothing back when it comes to my thoughts on products, but I'm still a little shy everywhere else. I'm getting there though.

Ellie isn't my real name, but it's easier to say. Although I do use my real name on my YouTube channel, most people online know me as Ellie. My blog name is derived from my real name which I might address in a future blog post, however I'll give you a virtual cookie if you figure out how I can get laceituplove from a name. Anagram? Word generator? No one knows.  

I like to spam tweets about ZNation on twitter, post a variety of pictures on Instagram, and create different videos on YouTube.

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